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Advance Veterinary Solution is a recognised leader in the veterinary industry and is an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 Msyscert Certified Company. It sells dependable laboratory services and premium animal health supplies.We work hard to keep current on the most recent medical advancements so we can provide the finest care possible for your dogs. We are very happy about all the services we can provide to you.

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Milk Production

Dairy Animals: While cows are the primary source of milk production .

Camel Sector

The breeding, care, and management of camels are all included in the camel sector.

Horse Sector

In the horse industry, horses are selectively bred to produce specific traits and qualities..

Cattle and Sheep Sector

The methods used to care for cattle and sheep, such as breeding, feeding, medical treatment, and general management.

Goat Sector

The goat industry includes the selection and breeding of particular goat breeds according to their intended characteristics..

Fisheries Sector

Aquaculture: The fisheries industry includes a sizable portion of aquaculture, commonly referred to as fish farming..

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